The Galloway Kite Trail - Watch and Learn all about Red Kites in the wild
Bennan Hill Walk and Viewing Point
The Galloway Kite Trail Secret Breeding and Rearing Cages
RSBP Ken-Dee Reserve Bird-Watching Hide and Viewing Point
Mossdale Walk and Viewing Point
Parton Walk and Viewing Point
See Red Kites Feeding at Bellymack Farm
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Galloway Kite Trail - Information Points
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Red Kite Viewing Areas
There are six main Red kite viewing areas throughout the Galloway Kite Trail.

They are located at :-

Overlooking Loch Ken
Bennan Hill Viewpoint
Off the A762 road and the Raiders Road. Parking at Bennan Hill Viewpoint car park. Uphill circular walk to viepoint is 2.5km.
The Secret Cages
Parking at Bennan Hill Viewpoint car park. Walk to cages is off the Bennan Hill Walk.
RSPB Ken-Dee Marshes Reserve
Off the A762 road, parking at the Mains of Duchrae. Red kites are regularly seen from the reserve. There is a 4.8km nature trail, 2 birdwatching hides and a viewing platform. Contact information: telephone 01671 402861.
Mossdale Walk
Off the A762 road you can park by the Red kite sculpture, near the post office in mossdale. Follow the footpath past the old railway station for 2.5km walking trail.
Parton Walk
Off the A713 road, park in the layby at Loch Ken Holiday Park. Cross the road to reach the start of the walk. The trail is 1km to the viewpoint.
The Kite Feeding Station
Off the B795 road, at Bellymack Hill Farm. Red Kite feeding time is at 2pm daily. The hide is open from 8am - 4pm in the summer and 10am - 4pm in the winter.
Hints on viewing Red Kites and completing the Galloway Kite Trail:

Along the trail, there are six kite viewing areas, as shown on the map. These are marked by a kite trail post on the side of the road, where you will find a car park.

Food and accommodation providers are identified around the map and have a Galloway Kite Trail logo prominently displayed. Each offers information on Red Kites. Check with them for the latest news on the kites.

You can see Red Kites any where along the trail, so always keep a look out for them.

Although kites are resident in the area throughout the year, they can be more difficult to see during the breeding season (April - July).

Watch out for kites following farming operations such as silage and hay cutting; they are picking out voles and other small mammals.

Please remember to wear stout footwear and appropriate outdoor clothing. Always respect the country code, and park in designated car parks. Enjoy the Galloway Kite Trail!

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