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Bellymack Hill Farm (Feeding Station)
Red Kite - Photograph Hazel Marr
Bellymack Hill Farm and Feeding Station, near Laurieston, are owned by Anne Johnstone, a partner in the Galloway Kite Trail. The hide is open from 8am - 4pm in summer and 10am - 4pm in winter. Food (usually chicken) is normally put out around 2.00pm, unless there is already plenty available for the kites. An inclusive charge of £2.50 is made for use of the car park and hide. An interpretative board and other information are available at the hide.
Although food is normally put out around 2.00pm, kites can often be seen well from the hide at any time of the day, though they are generally inactive in the evening, even in summer. Kites frequented Bellymack Hill long before the Feeding Station was established, attracted by the undulating topography and food-rich habitats. They can often be seen perched in nearby trees, swooping down over the feeding area, or lazily floating over the hill behind the farm. Visitors are encouraged to read and record details of coloured wing tags.

Other birds

Other carrion feeders such as ravens, crows and buzzards are also attracted by the food, whilst herons and lapwings are fairly common in the surrounding area. House sparrows and other common finches are seen frequently about the farm.

Red kite - Photograph David Henderson

Other attractions

The view from the hide, south towards the conical Neilson monument and west over Laurieston and the forest, is quite splendid and an attraction in itself. Laurieston Village was formerly known as Clauchanpluck and was a favourite staging post for drovers on their way south with sheep and cattle from the wild hills of Galloway.

There is a monument to S.R. Crockett (author of The Raiders etc) just north of the village. Oh, and Anne's puppies, goats and geese are a constant source of interest to children (of all ages!). A small charge of £2 is requested to help with the cost of providing for the Red Kites' food.
Brid-Watching Hide at Bellymack Red Kite Feeding Station

How to get there

Bellymack Hill Farm is 0.5km east of Laurieston, just north of the B795. Park in the courtyard and follow the track for c100m to the viewing hide.

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