Red Kite Feeding Station Bellymack Hill Farm, Laurieston, Castle Douglas, DG7 2PJ, GB
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1. Field Characters & Identification

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Field Characters & Identification

Latin Name:- Milvus milvus.

Type:- Raptor.angus_hogg_013.gif

Length:- 60 - 66cm.

Wingspan: 175-195cm

Weight:- 800-1,300g

Habitat:- Likes deciduous woodland with farmland and grassland nearby.

Wintering:- Similar to breeding habitats but winter communal roosts are often established in woods.

Behaviour:- Will perch in the open. Takes off from vegetation and ground.

Food:- Carrion, worms, insects, amphibians and small mammals. Will also feed on food scraps

Flocking:- a gregarious bird which may congregate around food sources and at communal roosts..

Flight:-A gliding bird, graceful , powered flight is lethargic, with slow wing beats often found in flight in windy weather..

Voice:- whistling calls.

Life span:- 15 to 20 years. The oldest record in the UK is 26 years.

Similar species:- Marsh harrier, Buzzard.


Head:- -Silver-grey.

Throat:- Silver-grey.

Breast:- Reddish brown, streaked.

Belly:- Reddish brown, streaked.

Upperparts:- Reddish brown.

Rump:- Reddish brown.

Wings upper:- Reddish brown, with black edges.

Wings Lower:- Redddish brown, with white tips and black edges.

Tail:- Reddish brown, long and forked .

Bill:- Yellow, hooked.

Legs:- Yellow, medium length.

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